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Whew! What a crazy last 3 days!! I’m so excited to stay home today and just lounge around in my jammies and hang out with my 3 darlings that I’ve missed so much! I tell ya, being a labor coach is exhausting. It’s a loooong crazy story but the short version is- after 24 hours of labor Troyer was delivered via c-section lady night!! I didn’t get to meet him because she wasn’t going to be out of recovery until 10:30 and after being away for a day and a half I needed to get home to my babies. I’ll get to meet him tomorrow though and I’m excited. :)

In other news, I’m starting LiveFit with a friend today!!!!! Well not today exactly, my first workout will be tomorrow. I’m resting today. I’m curious to see what my results will be this time around!
Last time I gained a pound, lost about 4 inches, and dropped a number on the body fat % measurer!
I’m torn between wanting to lift for strength or aesthetics but right now I’m happy to do LiveFit and then go from there.
I won’t be following the meal plan exactly but I’ll be making some of the recipes. Those pumpkin bars are fantastic! As are the turkey meatballs and meatloaf. I’ll definitely be eating more this time as well. Last time I followed the calculators advice and ate 1,300 cals and it sucked! Ya live and learn my friend that’s for sure!

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Fitness guru Jon Stratford has devised a plan that will help you drop up to 25 unwanted centimeters from your waist, bum, thighs, and arms - with visible results in a week and a full body makeover in just three. “It’s a simple circuit of targeted moves, but don’t be tempted to only do the ones that focus on your problem areas,” says Stratford. “To achieve your target, you need to perform the whole workout every time - it’s designed to raise your metabolism so your body burns fat even when you’ve stopped working out.”

  • Do the triple circuit 3 times a week. Perform 10 reps of each move one after the other. Rest for 2 minutes, then repeat twice more.
  • Add two sessions of moderate cardio (think a bike ride, swim or run at an intensity that you can just talk at) on the days in between.

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