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I seriously need to get caught up on my trailers!
I haven’t seen the one for The Hobbit yet, or SPN season 10, OR OUTLANDER!!!!

Brb gonna go look them all up and cry out of sheer happiness.

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Dig it! It is the little things indeed :) have a blessed evening lady!

I will, YOU TOO my dear!!!!

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how long did this last????!!!

About 15 minutes and then Liam woke up. It was a glorious 15 minutes though! :D




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That seems like more of a back exercise than a butt one…..?


The primary movers in hip extension are:

  • gluteus maximus
  • bicep femoris
  • semitendinosus
  • semimembranous

So we simply fixed the femur in place, contracted the erectors, contracted the transverse abdominis and conducted hip extension in the sagittal plane. As long as the client does not execute lumbar flexion and extension the erector spinae group with stay in isometric contraction. The resistance (gravity and the plates) should be elevated and lowered using the primary movers of the hip extension. 

I’ve never heard of a hip extension before, that’s pretty cool! Now I’m watching youtube videos to see if it’s something I can replicate at my gym…..

My house is clean, Liam is napping, the girls are playing quietly together, and I’m sitting on the couch with my feet up just relaxing and browsing tumblr.
I don’t know when the last time this happened was but I’m diggin it!

How do women keep their thigh pieces in good shape? I keep thinking shaving your legs would dull the colors, am I wrong?

Stupid teenage boys who look muscular and they don’t even lift or watch what they eat.

Liam slept for 6 hours straight last night.

I picked up the girls’ kindles yesterday!! We’re going to set up the parental controls and add some games we know they’d like plus some educational games and books.The cases should arrive Monday. They’re going to be so surprised!

Anonymous asked
You are beautiful.

Oh my goodness, thank you :)

Lesson learned

Don’t eat a bag of cherries in one sitting. It will cause you to bloat like CRAZY, your insides will be in turmoil, and you’ll be so gassy but can’t let it rip because you don’t want to poison the the weight room which means you’ll have stomach cramps/will be running to the bathroom a lot.

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The trainers here get paid extra for every class they teach. I told my boss yesterday I’d do it for no extra pay if it was during my work hours. Today co worker told me to quit being a Mexican (Mexicans do the same/better work for less pay) because RJ would quit paying all the trainers for their classes.