Thanks for stopping by! I'm a Christian, wife, mom, and lifting nut. I blog about a lot of different things; working out, parenting, marriage, just life in general. I'm married to my best friend and we have three kids together; two girls, ages 7 and 5, and a son who turned 1 in June! 


I really want to put on some red lipstick but I don’t want to draw attention to the popped blister on the corner of my mouth. :-/

It’s all about perspective

I was complaining to Rory about how I only added 5lbs to my squat today and how it made me want to die and he pointed out that that 5 extra pounds added up to an extra 400lbs in that exercise due to the reps and sets.
I also added 5lbs to my leg curls and 15lbs to my goblet squats so in total I moved an extra 2000lbs during my workout today!!!!!
I love how he looks at things so differently than I do. :)

These squats are going to be the death of me.
4x20 @ 100lbs

It might not be much for some of y’all but they’re whoopin my ass right now.

My appetite has been really low the last several days. I’ve been bloated, pissy, and my face is breaking out like crazy.
At least I’ve stuck to my meal plan so there’s that small comfort in knowing I’m not screwing any sort of progress I might be making on this thing.

Anonymous asked
From an EMT, I hope you had Liam be checked by a professional. Loss of consciousness is a serious response to a head injury. Just want to be 100% sure he's okay!

Thank you for your concern! He was cleared by his pediatrician and he is doing great. His dr said it sounded like he went to take a deep breath for a cry, ended up holding his breath or possibly tried to inhale again and he passed out, which is not too uncommon for little kids.
We’ve been keeping a close eye on him though. :)

Anonymous asked
Omg, Diana, I'm glad you guys are okay! Sending lots of love to all of you guys. Especially Liam. - K

Thank you so much! I am too.

He’s totally his normal self, not even a bump or bruise to show for it. :)

hellolittlebeastling asked
Care to play a round of "guess who?"

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!

For reals though, I have freaking missed you!

eclipsenikkie asked
Not sure what other preworkouts you've tried, but I really like one called The Curse. Best taste and rush, even over C4. I stick with the C4 since I can usually get way better deals on it.

I just ordered a 10 serving package of it, thanks for the suggestion! I’m not sure it’ll do anything but I’ll let you know. :)

When it rains it pours

Ror and I were on our way into town for Beth’s party and got a call an hour into the drive telling us that Liam had been knocked off a step onto the concrete floor and was unconscious for a few minutes. In Rory’s haste to turn the van around to head back home we got rear ended by a guy on a motorcycle.
It was terrifying.
At first I thought Rory had ran into him because he’d turned so fast out of the blue but I later learned that we were actually rear ended.
We’re home now, Liam is fine, the guy on the motorcycle is fine, Ror and I have calmed down a bit, and we’re going to enjoy a calm evening at home.
Shit was scary though.

Today is my youngest sisters 21’st birthday! A bunch of us, her friends, husband, Ror, and myself, are taking her out for the evening for a 21 run. :D Today is not a treat day so no drinks or appetizers for me but it should still be a fun evening. 

Anonymous asked
You really seem like a fantastic mom, the kind I know a lot of us wished we had. I don't know how you do it all, but you really seem to do well at everything you're attempting. I hope to be as great a mom and wife one day in the future. I've been following your journey for years and I look forward to continuining. -With love from your friend, B

My dear friend B, 

Thank you so so much for this incredibly encouraging and uplifting message! I’ve been feeling very grumpy and out of sorts the last couple days and like I’m failing at everything so I can’t even begin to explain how much your support and encouragement means to me! 

You are a gem and I hope you’ll message me off anon so I can follow your blog and offer some support and love back to you!

Anonymous asked
Do you want more kids? If so, how many?

Hey anon!
I would like more kids, but I’m not sure when. I’d love 2 more, at least another boy, and a girl, or two more boys. I’d be cool with 2 more girls, I just think it would be fun for Liam to have a younger brother. :)

I love my new dress and my little heart melter. :)