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Home is where the pants aren’t

Home is where the pants aren’t

Wade put in a good word for me with the casting director so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I get cast again before they finish filming :)

Look what we found on the way to Newport! Take one and leave one. I love it!

Look what we found on the way to Newport! Take one and leave one. I love it!

El oh el.


Go away.

Anonymous asked
does your husband not mind you posting half naked pictures ?

Why don’t you go ask him?

You can find him here

July 31- Weight 123.4

Waist around the navel 29 inches

Ass 37 inches

Sept 14- weight 122.4

Waist around the navel 28 3/4 inches

Ass 37 1/2 inches

I’ve gotten stronger, lost some inches, gained some inches, and my abs like to make an appearance first thing in the morning.

All in all I’d call it a very successful 6 weeks!

Today is the first day I’ve epically failed while sticking to my meal plan.

Next time I’m going to wait until a treat day to buy Rory a slice of chocolate dipped cheesecake…….

I actually may or may not be buying one on Wednesday.

Also, I completely forgot to post pictures and measurements yesterday because I am not going to be doing a program from For some unknown reason I haven’t figured out yet Jae wants to continue writing up my workouts and sending me meal plans, which I am ever so grateful for!

I’ll post pics and measurements tomorrow.

Anonymous asked
what's wrong?

I’ve had a raging boner for almost a week. After not having a sex drive at all for the last 2 years this is very frustrating.

Stupid hormones.

I can be such a judgmental fuck about the stupidest things. It’s ridiculous.

The way some parents let their kids talk to them is appalling.


If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?





…I may or may not have teared up a bit reading this ;)

I needed this kind of inspiration today. :)

Needed this for studying for this stupid test… This gives me hope

Love Zen Pencils comics and this one is great!